The Farmhouse

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Finding Mecca

Hello from The Farmhouse buried under 30 inches of snow! This little place handled the Blizzard of 2016 just fine. I guess if you've been around for over 100 years , you've proved yourself storm worthy.

Snow fell as high as the fence line.

That's the patio chair under the snow.

No napping here for a while!

We were stuck in for 2 days due to the fact that our plow guy had his own problems and couldn't make it. Luckily I was able to find an alternative on day 3 and we were freed. Yes - I went to Starbucks.
Bella had her surgery 13 days ago and she is doing very well, surgically speaking.

She is using her leg and getting around too well. We have had a major issue, however, with her "toileting" as it were. The story goes like this: We brought her home from the vet on Friday afternoon at which time she peed and then before bed she peed again (remember she must be leashed walked in a small area, no more than 5 minutes) before bed. Saturday - NO pee or poop - Sunday morning - still no pee- it had been 30 some hours!! I called the vet Sunday morning and he told me this happens sometimes and he recommended taking her to park that is frequented by many dogs. So...we loaded her up ( remember this is just 3 days after major surgery) and off to the park we go. Well that guy knows his stuff. Four poops and a pee! The mother load. Wow, this is great! The scent of the other dogs over-rides her fear of bending her knee, Eureka! We will come here everyday as our bathroom - problem solved, right? Oh 30 inches of snow? Uh oh! I don't know if you people know this, but, scent is greatly diminished by snow. No scent -no pee or poop. Back to square one! So we walk and we walk through a blizzard and after a blizzard and she holds it - one day, then a day and a half! What to do? Wait - I know the place: Mecca is located just up the street. So we trudge up the street, through ice and snow to this Holy Land - a land where yellow snow is abundant and is there for the smelling. The home of Max and Harry, two male Goldens who have marked the entire area. And you guessed it - SUCCESS! On both issues. Oh happy day. So this morning at 7:30 AM I find myself trucking back to The Holy Land and again all prayers were answered. If you need me you know where to find me. Oh , what we do for our dogs.
Obviously I have been quite consumed with Bella and the Blizzard, so not much else to report on.
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Thursday, December 17, 2015

Without A Leg to Stand On

It appears that those who call the Farmhouse home have been dealing with some painful issues. I have been most outspoken about my Rheumatoid condition and yes, I am feeling better,but, it's still a daily reminder when my body does not want to cooperate. Cliff is now nursing a bad back. It seems his golf career is in jeopardy. His hopes of playing on The Senior Tour may be dashed. My beloved black pony is dealing with a hoof abscess that doesn't want to heal and now Bella is following suit. She has a partial tear of her ACL and will need surgery to fix it. Her Agility career has come to a screeching halt. Poor little baby! So you see between the 4 of us we only have few good legs to stand on. My animals are such a big part of my life that it really impacts my daily routine when they are not sound. I haven't been able to ride Kitty in over a week,but, we meet daily for a hoof soak and a duct tape wrap and bonding time. I have been lucky enough to ride Miss Fiona, so generously offered to me by the owner of the farm where I board Kitty. I have a little secret to let you in on - I really love riding Fiona - it's an upgrade! Please don't tell the black pony, I don't want to hurt her feelings. And Bella and I have not been to Agility in over a month and won't be back until Spring. What am I supposed to do? Selfishly I want my animals to get better so I can start having fun again. Oh yeah - Cliff! He'll be fine :) 

My pillow business had been busy so I guess I am lucky to have the time to devote to it. I have a few new designs that have been good sellers.
Don't forget ValleyPillows on Etsy!

There is a special place I want to share with you. I pass this on my daily drive to the barn and I think it is the most beautiful and peaceful scenery around. This bridge is on Mantua Mill Rd. and someone fills these flower boxes every season. Right now they are filled with Winter berry -my new obsession.
This is just one box. There are six in total and they are just breathtaking! I bought some and put them in my flower box in front of the house. That's my holiday decorating. We are all very excited for the return of The Number One Son!! He'll be spending a week here and we can't wait. 
I want to wish you all a Fabulous Holiday Season, from our Farmhouse to yours.
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Monday, November 2, 2015

Hello! Is anybody out there?

It  has occurred to me that I have now been blogging for about 2 1/2 years. According to my homepage I have 8,690 views. Really? As I sit here at my laptop, I wonder, is anybody actually reading this blog? I rarely get any on-line comments (hint,hint), however, I do get plenty of spam comments. An example of this would be : I find your information facinating and new and please check out my site,Cheap Rowing Machines. So this has me thinking. Sure, I get a few emails from LOYAL friends telling me they enjoyed the latest installment,but, no comments! Come on folks make some comments, I can take it! Oh there is one stipulation - make them nice- I can't really take critisism!

For those of you who are reading here are the after pictures of the latest projects.

Landscaping around new fence.

Snow Guards are installed on the metal roof.

Grass seed and straw has been laid where the mighty tree once stood.

Our fall projects are now complete. We are hoping to get new neighbors soon, as this beauty is for sale. If you have a few extra $$ come join us in the hood!

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Friday, October 23, 2015

Fall At The Farmhouse

Well, I don't need the calendar to tell me it's Fall. I don't need the falling mercury to remind me that autumn is here. No siree, I know that Fall is upon us when I see this.

That's right folks - sweatpants!! When my beloved dons these beauties, I know Fall has arrived.They are here for the next 6 months so I must get used to this sight.Ahh love!

Much has been happening around these parts. Yesterday the BIG Tulip Poplar was laid to rest. We are sad,but, we had to remove it because it was dead, dead, dead! 

See the guy way up there?


This is the hole that insects made. This is probably what killed the tree. It was hollow inside.

Our favorite contractor Jason came by to build a fence around our ugly tanks.


We are going to plant bushes next to the fence to provide a screen.
I like this fence next to the front door as it hides the propane tank from view. Thanks Jason.

So today I parted ways with my pony. In other words - I fell off! Ouch! Like I don't have enough aches and pains. It wasn't her fault though, she got her hind hoof stuck while jumping over a fallen tree. The worst part of falling off (other than Head Trauma or Being Paralyzed) is getting back on. It's hard hauling this big old body onto the back of a horse, so glad she's short.I am happy to report that my RA meds are finally starting to work!! Yay! It's taken about 3 months, but, I am seeing a real difference. So grateful.

I must mention that we had a bit of Hollywood in our hood. The cast of House of Cards was stationed across the street at Stevenson University. Bella and I spotted the action on one of our walks. We saw the trailers and the lovely catering tent. We didn't see any "talent" though. I was hoping Bella would be discovered.

Speaking of Bella, she has taken to her cool weather spot on the porch.

Isn't this cute! She never does this in the summer, only fall and winter. Weird.
That's what's happening here at the FH. 
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Sunday, September 13, 2015

It's A Jungle Out There...and Some Ugliness.

Every day I walk Bella around the neighborhood and sometimes Cliff joins us. We pass the same things every day, but, it is always changing, too. There is an empty lot near our place where vines grow wild and we see wild creatures there. Yes, we see deer, groundhogs and rabbits, but we also see elephants, buffalo and giant hares, too! What?? No, we have not been smoking (well...not lately), we are using our imaginations! Here is what we see:

See the rabbit?
See the elephant? Woolly Mammoth? Maybe a Camel. 
Come on really look,you never know what you'll see. It's a jungle out there! 

We are thinking about working on the back of The Farmhouse. It's rather ugly.

We want to cover the tanks and heat pump. We are thinking of a small fence and shrubs.  Our favorite
landscape architect is working on a plan. It's a work in progress. We are also thinking ahead and will be getting snow guards installed on the metal roof. This prevents snow and ice from cascading on to the shrubs below.
I never knew we needed snow guards,but, soon we will have them! I tell ya, just like Roseanne Rosanna Danna said, "It's always somethin' ." 
Still battling with my RA (Rheumatoid Arthritis), meds have not helped yet. Sigh! Soon? Not much else happening here at The Farmhouse.
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Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Confusing Days

It's mighty confusing here at The Farmhouse. Is it summer? Is it fall? Well, it's hot and humid so that's summer, but, the leaves are falling fast and furious so that's fall. right?  It's like this:


Fall :(
I am also seeing a lot of acorns, too. Does this mean we are in for a rough winter? Let's hope not.
Cliff says The Farmer's Almanac is calling for a bad winter. Yuck!!

I love these hot summer days. Here is where I spend a little time every afternoon.

I turn on the ceiling fan on the west porch, grab my book and stretch out on my little couch. It's not long before I am fast asleep! That's right - I sleep in the middle of the day. Just like a baby, after lunch I need a rest. I am claiming this is due to my Rheumatoid Disease, but, to be honest I have always enjoyed a nap. And this porch is so wonderful for napping. So...this "condition" is really kicking me in the ass! Besides aching and swollen joints, I am soooo tired. They say the meds should kick in any day now so I am impatiently waiting. The weird thing is I need to keep moving to feel better. It's a delicate dance of movement and rest. Bella has never been on so many walks!
The pillow business has slowed to a crawl, but, thanks to a very special client I just filled a big order.

My nephew is a realtor and he gives personalized pillows to his clients at settlement. He's keeping me afloat in these troubling economic times :)
I wanted to re-share my cabinet knobs. I know I spoke about them before, but, I just love them. Kitty and Bella are the models. So cute!

My friend was cleaning out her closets and gave me these three wooden pigs. I painted them with Chalk paint (what else?) and Cliff nailed them together and we hung them on the gate. So many flying pigs!

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Sunday, July 19, 2015

Life Is Like A Box Of Chocolates....

You never know what you're gonna get. Well it seems I've got myself a nice little auto immune disease. Rheumatoid Arthritis to be exact. Huh? How did this happen? One minute I'm fine and the next I'm a "patient" with a "disease". It started innocently enough, my knuckles on my thumbs hurt to the touch, but, they functioned just fine. Next, it was one or two fingers had swollen joints, and I thought maybe I had I got tested and that was a big Negative, but, what could this be? Then it really started reving up - one day my knees hurt, then my feet and hands and it was getting worse. My primary doctor tested me for all kinds of things and called one evening to say he thought it may be RA and started me on Prednisone. A miracle! No pain, but, of course we can't stay on that for too long so it was off to the Rheumatologist...I didn't even know how to spell rheumatology (still have trouble with it). He confirmed what my doctor thought and now I am being treated for Rheumatoid Arthritis. I am starting to learn how to live with this thing, RA. Mornings are awful - you are in pain and stiff and always wondering what will hurt today, but, after swallowing lots of Advil things calm down and you carry on. Around 2 pm a wave of exhaustion hits and I need a big ol' nap. Then I'm good to go until evening and the whole thing starts again! I have started on a DMARD , disease modifying anti-rheumatic drug (ain't that a fancy name!) and should know within 3 weeks to  3 months if it will help. So in my box of chocolates is RA. I am fine and I am trying not to let this "bump" in the road get me down. I am still riding my beloved pony, just taking lots of Advil an hour or two before and they say moving around is good.Like Forest Gump and Jenny - me and Advil go together like peas and carrots! I will keep you updated as go on this journey.
Things around the Farmhouse are good. We are in full bloom.

The Lilly's look lovely.

Cliff made this stone surround. Looks nice.

The vine is really growing on the arbor.
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